I started sailing as a Boy Scout at Stratton Mountain in Sunfish and Cape Dorys.  Our family purchased a small sunfish knockoff and while sailing one day, a Hobie Cat flew by.  They left us standing still and I resolved to sail multihulls.  I progressed from an AMF Catfish to a Hobie 16, to a Hobie 18, to a Hobie 18sx and most recently to a Corsair F24 Mk1. 

I can think of nothing better than sailing on Lake George…. ideally before Memorial Day or after Labor Day since it is quiet.  

Hobie 18sx – built for the 1991 Hobie Worlds…. 2 sets of Smythe sails and spinnaker… fast comfortable boat.  There’s nothing like doing over 20 Kts and throwing a rooster tail from a sailboat.  This boat is now being raced down in North Carolina.


Corsair F24 Mk1 #66Kokopelli

Kokopelli anchored on south end of Lake George off Million Dollar Beach

Kokopelli docked peacefully in Huddle Bay

Kokopelli – set up to grille seafood at Roger’s Rock

Althea on board and in v-berth – she loved sailing and camping

And taking pictures of me soloing… smart girl


In 2004 we took Line Honors for the Lake George-Ticonderoga race.  We led the fleet home by over 1 hour despite being unable to find the northern point and sailing an extra 2 miles.  Additionally, we did it solo for the second year in a row.

Crossing the finish line… and setting a new course record.

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