Live every day as if you were to die tomorrow…

Learn every day as if you were to live forever”

Mohandas K. Ghandi

Well, first and foremost my passion is teaching.  The picture to the right is me as a fledgling professor of Computer Science at Merrimack College in Andover, Mass.  Presently, I am the Chair of Computing and Information Sciences at Hudson Valley Community College.

I reside in Saratoga Springs NY where I renovated a Carriage House.  There is a very interesting story about my acquisition of the house and the renovation project.

I had a wonderful intelligent Chocolate Lab named Althea.  She helped me through many difficult times and I have infused my personal site with her pictures as she is much more photogenic than I…  🙂

As for hobbies: I am a performing musician, an active sailor and a beach volleyball player. Those of you who know me will get a kick out of this picture.  I used this picture on my website while I was a Ph.D. candidate,  I did this as a joke because I am quite casual (baseball cap is standard attire) and I was constantly out dressed by my colleagues. 

“I’m really just a simple man living a very complicated life.”

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