Log Bay Day History

The bus came by and I got on… that’s when it all began…

It was Cowboy Neil at the wheel on the bus to never ever land”    J. Garcia

Soooooo…. we started Log Bay Day in 1997.  Juan and I went to the Bolton Town Court to obtain a permit, we rented a small raft and held an impromptu concert in Lake George’s Log Bay (Shelving Rock).  It was our way of saying thank you to the Lake George family for all their support.  We actually had 2 Log Bay Days this first year as we caved in to peer pressure and a held a late August jam in addition to the July date.  We probably had 150 – 250 friends in the water this first year.

Humble beginnings in 1997


Bigger Raft in 1998 (Joe from Lake George Parasail in the village donated a parasail raft).  We also settled on the date… Log Bay Day will be held the last Monday in July.


To what it quickly became

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Hiking Directions: From the intersection of Rts. 9L and 149, travel east on 149 toward Ft. Ann 1.5 miles to Buttermilk Falls Rd (Look for the Black Rooster on left) take left and travel about 11 miles to Hog Town parking lot. For more detailed information try this link Shelving Rock.

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