Live Show Recordings

Say, it might have been a fiddle… Or it could have been the wind… But there seems to be a beat now… I can feel it in my feet now… Listen here it comes again (Weir/Barlow)

In the table below you’ll find live shows in mp3 format from over the years. I add new ones as time permits and take them down depending on server space.   They will stream but to save the file to your hard drive or wherever – right click and choose “Save link as” and then choose your destination download folder. Please be patient during download since they are full 1-hour sets and encoded in decent resolution. Nothing complex or even rehearsed as we just choose songs on the fly and jam and record from the soundboard. Some show details are:

  • Gaffneys – Travers Day August 29, 2015 – Corbin again graced us with his presence… says alot about Juan as an acoustic guitarist needing 2 drummers to keep up with him… 🙂
  • Gaffneys June 20, 2015  Corbin returned  for a night 🙂
  • Gaffneys Feb 21, 2015  Scott on bass and  Juan and Scott rocked
  • Gaffneys Aug 23 2014 – Post Travers.
  • Putnam Den 12-3-11 – Leaving this one up because its nice to hear Juan and Corbin’s voices mixed professionally
  • Gaffneys July 17, 2010.
  • Gaffneys August 28, 2010 (Post Travers).


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